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March - 2004
v1.3 of the linux port is now available. Both the Windows and Linux versions have been recompiled to use the latest 3.71 FMOD libraries.

Each of the downloads now includes the entire package, no need to download a separate data package.

February - 2004
New Version and SourceCode

Version 1.3 released.


  • Implemented a key binding interface.
  • Put in a pop-up box when exiting to make sure that's what you want to do.
  • New droid graphics within the database terminal - used with permission from the Freedroid project
  • New tile graphics and the ability to select at run time - remembers setting between games
  • Ditched the 'Rar' archive and switched to Physfs - http://icculus.org/physfs/
  • Player still in low energy mode after successful transfer.
  • Energy warning sound still playing during transfer sub-game.

Thursday 16th May - 2002
New Version and SourceCode

Version 1.2 released.


  • Player sprite turning invisible
  • Made the enemy AI a little bit tougher
  • Linux version of the console command 'pwd' no longer prints random garbage
  • Cleaned up the Linux makefile to remove the directory dependancy
  • Created just a 'Data' package, and different Windows and Linux binaries

Thursday 9th May - 2002
New Version and SourceCode

Version 1.1 released.

The sourcecode is now available. Grab it now and compile away. Included in the sourceCode is a RedHat 7.1 binary. Don't ask me any questions about it, I only know enough Linux to compile, and thats it.

The new version is only a minor update and includes a menu system before starting a game. Needs a bit of polish, but it does the job at the moment.

Thanks to all the people who developed libraries that I'm using.

SDL_Console - Garrett Banuk
SFont - Karl Bartel
FMOD library for the sound - www.fmod.org
Physfs - http://icculus.org/physfs/
Bitmask - Sprite collosion library - Ulf Ekstrom


What is it
SDL_Para is a port of the Classic C64 game Paradroid. It has been updated to run on most machines without needing a emulator of any sort. I needed a project to work on while learning SDL and programming, and when I had a C64 I couldn't stop playing Paradroid.


How do I play
You start off as a 'Influence device', your task is to clear the ship of all the rogue robots. Movement is by the arrow keys, Left control is the action key. Press it while you are moving and you will shoot your lasers, hold it down while not moving and you will go into transfer mode. This allows you to take over other droids. Pressing it down while over a terminal will take you into the ships computers, where you can view information about droid, ship view and a map of your current level.

There are also instructions that scroll by at the start of the game.

Press ESC at any time to exit the game.

Pressing the ` key (just above the TAB key on my keyboard) will show the game's console, type 'help' for the commands available.



Version 1.3

This program is released under the GNU license.

Huge thanks to Mads Bondo Dydensborg for sending in a patch file to compile and fix up the Linux version.

The Game data package contains two directories, it should be unzipped into a directory of your choice. Be careful to keep the directory structure. The binary file should then be unzipped into the directory of your choice. It should be in the level above the 'Data' and 'Shots' directories.

Any help on how to improve the linux version welcome at gibbon_99 ( @ ) internode.on.net


Screenshots (click on image to enlarge)

Start screen SideView Roaming around a level In battle with other Droids Game Over !


Smooth 8-way scrolling
Alpha blended explosions
Intelligent enemy droids
Hours of fun !!


Please send any comments or suggestions you have to me gibbon_99 ( @ ) internode.on.net